Can You Afford A Corvette ZR1?

If you're looking to justify the purchase of a 2009 Corvette ZR1, Suze Orman may not be the best person to call. That's what one potential ZR1 buyer found out when he called into the "Can I Afford It?" segment of Orman's financial advice show on CNBC.


But Dan, the caller, isn't exactly some penniless chump dreaming beyond his means: He's got $150k just chillin' in his savings account. Now, we know the ZR1 starts at $103,300, but Dan was figuring on spending $120,000. Of course, Orman apparently doesn't understand just how special the ZR1 is, claiming that its value will drop like a brick as soon as it pulls off the dealer lot. We're not so sure, what with the first car being auctioned off for a cool $1,000,000. Not to mention, if Dan can actually find a ZR1 for $120k, with all the inevitable dealer mark-ups, he'll be getting quite the bargain. [via CorvetteBlogger]


Jeff Glucker

I really hope I have WAY more than $90k in my retirement accounts when i am 45...