Why The Russians Make The Best Truck In The Universe, Explained

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

After literally showing the world the greatest truck in the universe, Truck Yeah is still waiting for its box of Putinka vodka from the manufacturer of the SHERP ATV. In the meantime, they gave us 17 minutes of English footage instead, explaining why this is indeed the greatest truck in the universe. Not that we were having doubts.

Most of you must have agreed that for $50K worth of Putin coins, you can’t get a more capable and fun vehicle than the 44 horsepower SHERP. It can swim, it can get out of the icy waters with ease, and on land, it’s equally unstoppable, only at a much higher speed. Still, as a potential customer, you might want to ask:

  • What happens to the cooling system when I hit my local swamp?
  • How is fuel pressure when I’m tilting like a madman?
  • Will it be stable enough for fishing if some idiot makes waves around us with his boat?
  • How many of my friends will fit? And beers?
  • Is it made of Russian steel or Swedish? I only trust Volvo material.

The answers to these important questions and many more is right here:

Still unconvinced?

Get a tank.


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Can we all agree to suggest this vehicle the next time Doug hosts a “what vehicle should I buy” poll?