The BMW i8 is the future, or at least represents a taste of it. The Porsche 911 is a wonderful relic that's been masterfully brought into the modern era. So how does this brave new car compare with the bachelor's sports mobile we all know and love?

The guys at EVO naturally lined up these to for the most comprehensive and rigorous of all automotive tests, the drag race. These two very different cars are surprisingly well matched with the i8 being down on horsepower compared with this Powerkit equipped C2S, but it has the benefit of AWD and more torque thanks to its electric motor.

So can the i8 beat the 911? Nope, but it's not very far off the Porker's pace at all. Especially below 100 MPH the i8 is within a few tenths of the 911s recorded times, but the 911 begins to pull a clear lead after 100. Still though, the BMW can travel 23 miles on just electric power and gets much better fuel economy than the Porsche.


Plus, even though it might not beat a 911 in a drag race it still eats them for breakfast so there's that.