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Yes, we know everyone's excited to take the kiddies to see 'Cars' β€” aren't we all? But β€” nothing gets our pistons pumpin' and our circuits sizzlin' like the thought of watching some Autobots start bustin' Decepti-chops. Luckily, Dreamworks is continuing to quench our thirst with more teasers β€” including this very 'Independence Day'-like teaser site. We also hear they'll be filming at the Hoover Dam tomorrow β€” so if you're in the area, head on over and snap some pics! You can sign up for updates, or just watch the timer count down to the teaser trailer next month. Don't mind us β€” you go and check out 'Cars' β€” we'll just be staring at the menacing looking bot in the background as the moments slowly tick away.

THEIR WAR. OUR WORLD. [TransformersMovie via TFW2005]

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