Camper Van Saabthoven: Take the Skinheads Bowling in Style in a Toppola!

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Not everyone in the world was fortunate enough to grow up with clapped-out F-150s a dime a dozen, ripe for carrying out one's part-time recreational-vehicle fantasies. Which is why the Swedes developed the Toppola. A camper shell designed to mate to the rear of a Saab or Sierra with the rear hatch removed, the thing offered a 2 meter standing height and serious econo utility. We applaud you, Toppola types, for bringing the joy of roughing it comfortably to the mostly F-150, Silverado and Ram-free people of Europe. [Thanks to Big Dave for the tip.]

Toppola [Wikipedia]

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87CapriceEstate feeling the winds of change

Really cool looking and even sweeter is the 2/4th Saab behind it.