Another day, another Dan Lienert list in my inbox. Only this time he didn't write it. Wait, that's not fair. Dan wrote the article, but he based it on the findings of the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). They study all sorts of stuff, including who steals what sort of car and how often. Turns out the the Escalade EXT — perfectly described by PJ O'Rourke as "how my El Camino would dress if it had to marry Liza Minnelli" — is the car that gets pilfered most frequently. Not just most frequently, but much more frequently than the next most stolen vehicle. See, your average car (let's just assume a Camry) gets a theft rating from the HLDI of 100. The second most commonly jacked car is the BMW 7-Series with an HLDI score of 431. That means the big-butted Bimmer gets thieved just over four times more than your average ride. David Gest's pickup's score? 1,728. Our advice to you? Don't take your Escalade EXT to Las Vegas. Nice to see Cadillac back on top.

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