Camaro Kicks Mustang, Challenger's Ass For Third Straight Month

Illustration for article titled Camaro Kicks Mustang, Challengers Ass For Third Straight Month

For the third straight month, the Chevy Camaro beat the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger in the latest volley of the muscle car wars — sales. Full numbers below.

August Sales in total units sold:

Chevy Camaro: 8,680
Ford Mustang: 6,289
Dodge Challenger: 1,132

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They just won't budge on Challenger prices. Apparently they won't give employees discounts on them and they won't negotiate with people who are potentially willing to buy.

My aunt went in to buy a Challenger SE ready to make a deal and they wouldnt budge off sticker. They say theyre selling every one that hits the lot, so it makes me think that Chrysler is keeping supply artificially low to milk every sale.