California To Allow Windshield-Mounted GPS, Finally

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California is really going balls to the wall with laws regarding driver distractions. The hands-free requirement is inching closer to being implemented and that animal petting law is still going through the ringer. But in an odd move, California is now proposing a law that would allow drivers to have windshield-mounted GPS units. Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, having a windshield-mounted GPS is illegal in California and punishable with "obstructed view" citations. The specifications behind this new law isn't being accepted well among the GPS faithful.


The legislation is stating that the GPS navigation units can only occupy a 5-inch square on the lowest left-hand corner of the windshield or a 7-inch square on the lowest right side corner. For aesthetic purposes, those two areas are best suited for GPS navigation units, but for practicality, not so much. Maybe the California legislation should talk to this guy to find out the truth behind windshield obstruction. [GPStracklog]


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I'm baffled at how a small GPS screen really makes it hard for people to see. I have no issue with mine below the rear view mirror and forget it's even there until I decide to look at it. Sometimes, on longer trips, it's augmented with a radar detector. Neither of them blocks my view of the road to any real degree.