California Tests Pot Drivers' Sobriety By Putting The High In Highway Patrol

Illustration for article titled California Tests Pot Drivers Sobriety By Putting The High In Highway Patrol

To show how legalizing marijuana in California would lead to more impaired drivers, the California Highway Patrol put two media types behind the wheel after smoking state-supplied chronic, in varieties called "Train Wreck" and "Blockhead." (H/t to Ari!) [LA Times]

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Brian, The Life of

Yes because lawd knows them stoners cause so many accidents today.

And that maryjowana stuff is a "gateway drug." First it's a little toke and next thing you know you're shooting smack into your tearduct.

And it makes you go crazy. Really, just watch that classic documentary, "Reefer Madness." They put it on film so it must be true.

And we should all just stick to booze, prozac and ambien because the alcohol and pharma industries know what's best for us.