Cadillac's Entire Luxury Sedan Range Got Outsold By Its Mall-Core Crossover

Photo Credit: Andrew Collins/Jalopnik

Crossovers are completely swallowing up car sales across the American auto market, and nowhere is that more dramatic than at Cadillac, where the mall-core XT5 is now outselling the brand’s entire sedan range.

That’s not a figure saying that the SRX outsold the ATS, the CTS, the XTS or the CT6. The not-a-SRX-anymore outsold them all combined, as Automotive News’ Nick Bunkley tweeted:


Honestly, the XT5 is a fine car (it’s not really an SUV so much as a big hatchback or a short minivan), and an attractive option in its segment. I just wish it was more of a Cadillac, though I don’t think much of the car market agrees with me.

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