Cadillac XTS: Copping a feel of Cadillac's biggest butt

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This booty belongs to none other than the Cadillac XTS, the long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long overdue replacement for the ancient STS/DTS white elephants. It's going to be notable for its spacious, luxurious interior, but what really sets it apart is that fat ass. How many dead snitches could you fit in there?


For a giant luxobarge, the XTS is something of a parts bin special. The chassis is a stretched version of the Buick Lacrosse/Opel Insignia/Chevy Malibu platform shared with the Saab 9-5's. The engine is the same 3.6 V6 that's used in everything from the Camaro to the CTS.

[gallery 5860315]Fortunately, it's the interior that counts in cars like these, and that's the XTS's trump card. Everywhere you look there's leg room, leather and wood. Unlike Cadillacs of old, we're guessing this wood isn't from the plastic tree either.

Most importantly, we're betting the XTS has Motor Trend's Sopranos Award totally sewn up. What do you think? Without using a chainsaw and assuming an average, non-Yakuza size, we're guessing you'd be able to fit what, eight, nine guys who crossed the family back there?



Pretty sure this was Cadilacs biggest butt.

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