Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept: The Cadillac Of Aveos

Illustration for article titled Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept: The Cadillac Of Aveos

The Cadillac Urban Luxury Concept isn't urban because it listens to hip hop or shops at CB2. For Cadillac urban is small. Like Aveo 2+2 small. Like so small you can't even call it a Cimarron.


The selection of GM's California Design Center is appropriate given this car's packed a lot of Art & Science design into a small footprint. They've even got Lamborghini/Koenigsegg doors. You thought those weren't cool, but Cadillac's going to attach them to an Aveo and make them.


Does this mean Cadillac's going to enter the compact market? They claim they want to prove small can be luxurious, and after looking at it I'm sure you'll agree no one will cross shop this with an Escalade ESV.

As far as the powertrain goes (and it probably won't go that far), it might as well be powered by the Korean tacos they're serving a few feet away in a truck. This is a concept, in every sense of the word.

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Pimpin yo Gremlin!

But seriously, what's with the massive opaque C-pillars on these things? GM can't afford a couple more panes of glass at luxury-car prices? Or are they colluding with the body-shop cartel to ensure an endless series of lane-change fender-benders?

ps: scissors doors SUCK SUCK SUCK make them GO AWAY