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Cadillac to Merge DTS, STS Into New Model

Illustration for article titled Cadillac to Merge DTS, STS Into New Model

With sales of the largest new Cadillacs sagging, the American luxo-barge company with the French moniker told Automotive News it plans to replace the DTS and STS with a single model. That car will be a yet-unnamed premium-luxury model, though the company's offering no details. The company's also considering an entry-level model priced between $28,000 and $32,000, though reports it would be called the Cimarron were deemed to be just us screwing around. Still, better focus from any automaker, especially Cadillac, can only be a good thing.


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Makes sense, Cadillac's range has always been a little weird at the top. If the CTS competes with the 3-Series and the STS competes with the 5-Series, then the DTS competes with — what? It can't be the 7-Series, because that's the job of the upcoming XLS. The DTS has always been a car without a market, or rather a narrowly defined market of its own creation.

All this really means is that the next-generation STS will include a luxury package with soft suspension to replace the DTS, while the next-gen DTS is effectively canceled.