Cadillac Escalades Burn In $1 Million Houston Dealership Fire

Save the Escalades! Nearly a dozen new Cadillac flagship SUVs were destroyed in an early morning fire in Houston, but not for the usual reasons cars on that platform go up.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the fire occurred at the Tom Peacock Cadillac dealership on the North Freeway just before 2 a.m. Authorities say a bizarre traffic wreck led to the fire; a car was rear-ended by another vehicle and hit a utility pole.


The pole then fell over and ignited the fire. Three women were also hospitalized following the crash.

The exact number of Escalades burned in the incident ranges from five to a dozen depending on news reports, but Harris County fire officials put damage estimates at about $1 million, a number that must include the damage to the dealership as well.

Here's a photo of the blaze from KHOU. Looks pretty nasty.


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