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'The Ferrari 512 TR Has An Awkward Stereo Location'

I love when MotorWeek tests an exotic car, because they do it the same way as an economy car. Here they criticize the HVAC and stereo locations. John Davis, I love you.


We know that the ergonomics of a Ferrari are worse than making a one-armed baby use chopsticks. And that's ok. What we care about it how it drives. And it sounds like John Davis and crew think the 512 TR drives splendidly.

They call it a sports car. That's a very accurate statement that I don't disagree with at all. That Flat 12 (FLAT 12!!!!!!!) sounds amazing. It's still very much a car I want to own sooner than later.

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stop playing these horrid shows, They make me want to punch myself in the face. Play old fifth gear episodes or something