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Jul 19

Today’s Hungarian Grand Prix wasn’t all that exciting, but the same can’t be said for 1995's race. It’s not every day that a Formula One driver meets the business end of a Tatra medical car, but that’s exactly what happened to Taki Inoue.

Jul 5

Before Cadillac built its Allantés on an assembly line stretching from Pininfarina’s shop in Italy to a plant in Detroit where they were finished, Chrysler was sending its Crown Imperial limos across the Atlantic in the other direction to be appointed by the luxury experts at Ghia.

Jul 3

There’s no Morning Shift today, most of the Jalopnik staff has the day off for the holiday weekend. You’ll still have a few fresh blogs to read though, and I’ll re-run some classic goodies on the homepage. Meanwhile, isn’t this a great picture? The Skyline Spec Nür was basically the R34’s best and last variant.

Jun 28

The Chrysler LeBaron wasn’t born on the salt flats, but it certainly made itself at home there. Especially after the underfloor rusted out and Jack and Suzie couldn’t get it moving again.

Jun 21

You know what? Sure. Put the engine in the trunk of your little French hatchback. Race it in Group 4 if you want. Hell, become a motorsports icon too. See if I care.

Jun 1

Back in 2014 Toyota crafted the U-squared concept utility vehicle. It was a tough-looking compact van/CUV thing that with a roll-off tailgate and a retractable roof might have been capable of revolutionizing the urban delivery vehicle. If this thing had an EV drivetrain, I might have said it was unveiled in 2020, not