Buying a Prius won't help save the planet or give you Gangnam Style, so what's the point?

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Hardibro, you're missing the point.

The Prius isn't for anyone who would ever visit this site.

It's for people who buy mild salsa, and consider it 'spicy'.

It's for people who spice up an omlette by using sharp cheddar instead of mild, but only do it once in awhile.

It's for people who worry about staying regular.

It's for people who work in middle management, or worse, aspire to be middle management.

It's for people who have had a serious conversation for more than 45 minutes about insurance. It's for people who are members of monthly clubs (Book of the Month, Wine of the Month, Jelly of the Month...).

It's for people who don't know much about politics but like to express their opinion with bumper stickers.

It's for people that currently own, or have ever considered owning a Labradoodle because it's hypoallergenic.

It's for people who wear special shorts and a helmet to ride their bike two blocks to Starbucks.

It's for people who put serious effort into trying to get their spawn into "the best schools."