Buy The Dalai's Land Rover, Get Enlightenment!

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Some might say that $75,000 is on the steep side as the starting bid for a 1966 Land Rover, but what if you could get a Rover that came with a holy aura... and a chance to meet Sharon Stone? In fact, we might speculate that Ms. Stone will cut your hair behind the aquarium if you buy this truck, if you know what we mean and we think you do. Make the jump to learn more about this sacred piece of British workmanship...

Here's Sharon telling you how she's gonna put you behind the wheel of this "really cool car," which comes with genuine "Dalai Lama vibe" as standard equipment. Not only that, it includes the custom California license plate HHDL XIV, which stands for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. All we can say is: Goonga goonga aloonga! [eBay Motors]

I Got That Going For Me

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I guess it would be good karma to get this. I wonder what sort of karma my parents would have gotten if they bought a Benz in Spain during the 60's that allegedly belonged to Hitler or was given by Hitler to Franco. Would that really personify Project Car Hell if they got one? On another note, I wonder if I could export a Land Rover Santana back to the states. British design with Spanish build quality, look out world, Project Car Hell times dos!