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Ever wanted to start your own racing school? Now's your chance, Skip. For $80 grand, you can get four track-prepped Honda Civics, a Volvo semi and a support van. All you need is a team of steel-nerved race instructors, and you're in business.


The gear comes from the, apparently, soon-to-be-former Don Swanson Racing School. The Don Swanson branding will cost extra, but slap $30,000 atop the asking price, and you'll also get a bunch of semi-useful domain names, like and

Everything's owned outright, too. So no incurring of extraneous debt. You also get helmets, driving suits, gloves, cones, ops manual, radios, flags and other stuff you'll need to teach ham-handed corporate flunkies how not to understeer into a tire wall. But hurry! Only a few hours left!

Why? Because racing school. (Thanks to Boxer_4 for the tip!)

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