Buy A Chevy Aveo, Get A Free Autobot

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Who knew the Transformers craziness for the General could last this long. They've got a promotion going on where if you buy a brand spankin' new Chevy Aveo, you'll get yourself a limited-edition transformin' Aveo that goes by the name of "Swerve." There's only going to be 2000 of them, so get your Aveo today to get your hands on one. If you think this promotion won't work, just check out the following comment from the boys over at Transformers fan forum-site Seibertron:

"Let's hope there is a way to get this that does not involve shelling out tons of money. Or those of us who are Transformers completists will also be driving brand new Aveo's shortly."


Just add 2000 more Aveos to the end of next month's sales numbers.

[Seibertron, eBay via Autoblog]

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