Buy a 1:32 Die Cast Chevy Volt Because You'll Never Own the Real Deal

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It pains me to continue to speculate on this thing, but here we go again. Now there is a limited edition 1:32 die cast of the Volt that can be purchased. Part of me wants to think that Chevy is testing the waters to see how many people would be, um, die hard enough Volt fans to warrant a purchase of a die cast replica of the non-existent 'lectric sedan. Only 7,500 models were made by Bburago, and each unit has a very collector's edition $14 price tag. Anybody out there interested? Anybody? Come on Lutz, tell me that you have bought one. [Product Page via AMG]

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Everybody hates it because it isn't real. The GM brass admitted that the technology is not yet available to do what the Volt is supposed to do. Tesla, on the other hand has explained most of the tech that is in it.

The Volt is not a reality. Certainly not a reality in the timeframe that Maximum Bob is putting it on. It is a PR stunt. GM wanted to look green and knew that their Hybrid SUVs weren't cutting the mustard with their 5mpg increase. The General wanted to look relevant, so they designed a car they NEVER wanted or expected to build to show how environmentally conscious they were. The public reaction essentially called their bluff. They now have no choice but to try to build it (and fail). That's why everyone hates on the Volt. It's an empty promise.