What Makes The Porsche Macan's Moose Test Results 'Extremely Strange'

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Swedish auto safety outfit Teknikens Värld are calling the Porsche Macan's performance "extremely strange" through their lane-change obstacle course they call "The Moose Test." Looks like the SUV's safety tech locks a wheel in a way other vehicles don't.


Here's the clip of the vehicle in action, watch close and see what happens:

Basically the outside wheel locks up when the driver tries to brake and swerve; a maneuver the Swedes expected would activate ABS and allow them to turn as it had in most other modern cars. The Teknikens Värld
driver says they've repeated the experience with several Macans.


Autos.ca reports Porsche's response [sic]:

"As the video shows, lane changing can be completed stably and safely. What is more critical in this situation is if the vehicle were to roll over or the rear were to break away. The vehicle demonstrated none of these instable states (rollover, oversteer, wheel lift) at any time"

It seems as though the Macan's Active Rollover Prevention (ARP) system is prioritizing keeping the shiny side up rather than executing the turn. As the driver jerks the wheel back and forth, it looks like the vehicle is intentionally boosting understeer to mitigate a rollover by allowing that outside wheel to lockup.

Doesn't seem right to call this a "failure" of the test. The Macan isn't able to get back into its lane without taking out a cone, but it gets out of the hypothetical moose's path and back on course without putting the vehicle on its side. And it looks like Porsche's ARP system contributes more to safety than a standard ABS brake setup.

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But saying 'failure' about a company's shiny new product gets you a lot more press than saying it has 'strange handling.'