But Can It Go Off Road? 8-Second Land Rover!

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Since we've got a Land Rover clanking into the JFG today, it seems only right that we show you one that goes a little quicker than it did when new. With an 800-horse blown Cleveland, this beast runs 8.57 at 156 MPH in the quarter-mile. Thanks to Franzouse (and the others who sent this in after he did) for the tip![ChromJuwelen]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

This car belongs to a mate of mine who lives in Canberra Australia.

The car was built by Dougie Stewart, a sheet metal worker and drag racer who recently passed away after a long illness. The car is based on a 1947 model and legal in not only sedan type classes but can also race against altereds and rail type dragsters.

The blower is a recent addition.

Before Dougie died, he was in the process of building a mini Land Rover based on a quad bike but diesel powered to be the big Landies tow car.