Busta Rhymes Ain't Gonna Take Any Spit — On His Car

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Busta Rhymes, star of film, music and mayhem, was arrested Saturday, seven days after an alleged Aug. 12 attack on a fan who according to court documents "accidentally spit on Rhymes' car." These same court documents also allege Rhymes, 34, responded by allegedly kicking Lebron into a concussion, splitting his lip and hurting his wrist around 4 a.m. the night/morning of the attack. Good thing Busta Bust didn't go after the fan with what police found in his car when they searched it after picking him up after his concert on Saturday — a 10-inch knife inside his SUV seat pocket. Good Busta, that's really like the last thing you generally want to keep around with you when you're a high-profile whatever.

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