Business In The Front, And The Camaro Is Back III: GM Puts Its Eds Together

One final bit of fun from yesterdays Camaro launch was the appearance of GM's three Eds, all talking up the new-for-2009 Chevrolet Camaro. Those Ed's were — in no particular order:

Ed Welburn, GM's global vice president of design

Ed Peper, Chevrolet General Manager

Ed Koerner, GM's veep of engineering

Which gets us thinking...maybe GM should follow FoMoCo into the reality show business. They could create a show called "My Three Eds." Wait, that's stupid. Hmm...well, while we think of better ideas, here's the video of Ed Welburn's announcement, where you can gawk for a bit at the huge number of "Camaro enthusiasts" attending the event and also check out the already-a-classic Camaro enthusiast from our first post at the beginning of the video. You'll notice him immediately — he looks like Dimebag Darrell — except Dimebag's dead, man.

Business In The Front, And The Camaro Is Back II: Classic Camaro Iron; Business In The Front, And The Camaro Is Back! [internal]


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Well, then it'd be an Ed foursome. Man, that'd be hot.