Bush Kisses Some Ass, Visits Ford, GM Plants In Kansas City

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Glad to see President Bush is finally starting to pay some attention to the US automakers more than once every two years. We're happy the President's going to be gracing two plants today with his royal presence, and we're hopeful it, along with a potential meeting next week, signals an increasing realization of the importance of US manufacturing. Although we've got to tell you that when visiting US automakers represent the linchpin in your gameplan for increasing your approval ratings, you've got some serious issues.


Bush visit to Ford, GM may smooth tensions [MSNBC.com]

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Hey Ray, I come to Jalop for auto news, not your BS political views. Ok, I guess Bush going to a GM plant or two is "auto-related," but take your Bush hate blog to the Huffington Post, MoveOn.org, or the Daily Kos.

One of the absolute worst aspects of the dem and lib mentality is that of government reliance and dependence. You need help if you seriously think one man, the president, or even Congress can fix GM and help the domestic automakers THAT much. It's called competition and capitalism. And as if he doesn't realize the importance of domesitc manufacturing. C'mon, man...

Now, back to auto news...