Bury Yourself With A '29 Wood-Bodied Cadillac Hearse

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We first told you about the discovery of Argentina's beautiful, wooden-bodied Cadlliac hearses back in June. An older version has emerged from former duties as the official shuttle of the River Styx Tollway, and it's looking for a new home.


The owner says this 1929 Cadillac has been in storage for six years, where it's paint cracked but the rest of the vehicle was kept from the elements. While there's no information on who built this particular "flower car," it appears to have the same style of ornate hand woodcarving as the other hearses made from 1942 Cadillacs by coachbuilder Hermida y Nazzi.

The owner wants to sell the refreshed soul hauler for $48,000, saying the original engine remains in good condition. There's a little more than a day left on the auction; not much time for any aspiring morticians who want to start their own shop. [ebay]



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