Burger King Drive-Thru To Harness Power Via Kinetic Energy

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A New Jersey-based Burger King has announced they'll install a kinetic energy harnessing speed bump in their drive-thru to tap into the unused power generated by the hundreds of cars that pass through daily.


According to a report by CNET, the Burger King franchise will partner with Maryland-based New Energy Technologies to install their MotionPower kinetic energy harnessing strips in the drive-thru lane. The energy would be stored and captured twice daily to power various appliances within the restaurant making this one very green Burger King.

According to Andrew Paterno, co-owner of the Burger King test site; "More than 150,000 cars drive through our Hillside store alone each year, and I think it would be great to capture the wasted kinetic energy of these hundreds of thousands of cars to generate clean electricity."


Our question is — Will they lower prices on the double Whoppers since we're lazily doing some of the work to power the joint? [CNET]

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I have a Perpetual Motion machine available for BK. I'll sell them at $100 to each of their locations. It runs of unicorn farts and stupidity.

So anyway, yes, they are stealing your energy to power their stuff. This is what happens when you let environmentalists govern. You get stupid ideas that go against every law of physics (the 2nd law of thermodynamics comes into mind here).