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With this year's Bullrun coming up next week, and Alex Roy's Gumball 3000 police-escort video getting so much attention, other Bullrun participants are looking for their just props. Some guy known as El Diablo Toro, reportedly a past winner of the Gumball and Bullrun road rallies, checked in with a pic of the rattlesnake-high '31 Ford Model A rat rod he plans to run this year. He also has a message for our Mr. Roy, after the jump. (Any other Bullrun guys who want to check in, drop us some sugar at That Means you, Dennis Rodman.)

Here is a sneak peak at Alex s competition for the Bullrun As team Gas Monkey has won both the Gumball and the Bullrun in the amazingly fast Avalanche (read: beat Alex in both)

We decided that we would give him a chance this year and drive a 74 year old rusty Ford Model A.

Tell Alex that Gas Monkey will buy the beer in LA.
Richard AKA El Diablo Toro

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