Buick Halfmaster-amino Is A Whole Lot Of Awesome

Those hosers up at Dave's Farm sure are professional hoons. And they're not too bad at doing good ol' fashioned backwoods engineering too. Check out this creation: The Buick Halfmaster. It's a '90s Buick Roadmaster with a severely shortened wheelbase that's been converted to an open-air 'amino. Now, you might question how much of a truck this car really is since it doesn't have a proper bed, but c'mon. It doesn't even have headers; the small block V8 exhales flames straight out of the head! So, judge for yourself; does the Halfmaster fit in with Maximum El Camino Day or not? [YouTube]


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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

OH yes, the sound of no manifolds, is a beaute. Open headers are the onlything to rival it: