Bugatti "Bordeaux" Sedan Gets Eight Tailpipes?

Illustration for article titled Bugatti Bordeaux Sedan Gets Eight Tailpipes?

This photoshoped image purports to reveal a Bugatti four-door with eight tailpipes. Eight! Rumor has it this shooting brake-style supercar will be called the Bugatti Bordeaux and use the same 8.0-liter W16 as the Veyron.

Based on the blurry, dark teaser image we brought you on Monday, some enterprising artist has taken the liberty of photoshopping on a complete rear and what he or she thinks the tailpipes will look like.


That quad-turbo engine will presumably be equipped with the same 1,001 HP and 920 Lb-Ft of torque rating, easily making this the fastest four-door ever.

The original image was allegedly part of an invitation to a super exclusive reveal party at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, where we expect to see the Bordeaux, or a four-door like it, fully revealed. [via PistonHeads]

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Bugatti Bordeaux huh? So I'm guessing it'll be oaky, dark, powerful, expensive and bought by guys who'll keep it locked up in a dark place while its value appreciates.

/ I'm more of a Burgundy guy