Bruce Wayne trades up to a Lamborghini Aventador for "The Dark Knight Rises"

We now know the name of the first American to take delivery of a new Lamborghini Aventador: Bruce Wayne. Those rich Gotham industrialists with troubled pasts and spelunking hobbies always get the best toys.


Since Batman's alter ego drove a Lamborghini Murcielago in "The Dark Knight," it was widely assumed Christian Bale's character would get an upgrade for next year's "The Dark Knight Rises." These photos captured by a VWVortex member during filming in downtown Los Angeles show that bet was correct.

That said, I'm not sure which is worth more: the film-used Aventador or the fleet of Crown Vics in "Gotham Taxi" livery and license plates. Lamborghini's still building Aventadors.

Photo Credit: VadGTI / VWVortex

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