Earlier today I followed the link in our story about the jewel-encrusted car key that took me to the Simply Abu Dhabi website. Flipping through their online magazine, I found a McLaren ad that left me very confused. The screenshot of the ad is above there. Is McLaren okay? Should we send over someone to check on them?

Now, I realize that the tagline used there, "There is no finish line," is a quote from Bruce McLaren, and I'm fairly certain it was meant in an inspirational context: our work is never done, there's always further we can push things, and so on. And, seeing the amazing cars McLaren makes, it all makes sense.

But out of context, on that one, grey-misama page, in that faded text, the statement takes on a totally different meaning. It feels like the sort of thing some enuui-plagued, defeated person would say, staring off out into the bleak, endless rain, before taking that final swig of a cyanide-and-vermouth cocktail.

And yet it has a certain appeal, one that I think other makers of high-end cars should consider. That's why I made, on spec, a few samples of these types of mottos for some big-name companies to consider.

You're welcome. If any of you companies decide to use these, just PayPal me my fee.