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Bro-Truck Owners Are Deliberately Blocking Tesla Supercharger Spots

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Photo: Leicina

I generally like people, which may be why I never fail to be surprised when I encounter people being truly unrepentant dickheads for no good reason whatsoever. That’s what seems to have been going down at a Tesla Supercharger in Hickory, North Carolina, where a Tesla owner was attempting to charge her car, only to find the Supercharger spots blocked by at least three pickup trucks, with the trucks owners chanting “Fuck Tesla.” What the hell?


Here’s what the owner, who posted an account on Reddit under the user name Leicina, had to say about the incident:

I’ve never had a supercharging experience like this one. These trucks blocked all the chargers, chanted “F” Tesla, and were kicked out by a Sheetz employee. Who do you report activity like this to? It was really uncomfortable.


The Supercharger was in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station in Hickory. I tried calling the Sheetz several times to find out more, but was hung up on every time I explained what I was calling about. Maybe they’re being inundated with calls about this?

The process of a combustion car taking up an EV charging spot is popularly known as “ICE-ing,” after the initials for Internal Combustion Engine. Often, it’s just inattention from the combustion car driver, but sometimes it can be deliberate, as seems to be the case here.

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There’s no really good reason why these truck drivers would do this, other than to be jackasses and piss people off, especially people they see as “green.” The motivations here may be the same as why people “roll coal” in diesel trucks, deliberately causing their vehicles to belch sooty exhaust, especially in the presence of hybrids or EVs, as a way of making some kind of fucked-up statement that, uh, I don’t know, the environment is not the boss of them? Fuck the Earth, because it, uh, produces vegetables they don’t like? Who the fuck knows.


Sure, there’s plenty of reasons to have mixed feelings about Teslawe certainly do—but there’s zero reason to do something like this, which only hurts regular people trying to drive and live their lives.

Luckily, these dipshits left after a Sheetz employee spoke to them, with the full power and authority of Sheetz backing them up. I’m sure if this happens it would be appropriate to call police, because, really, this at least must be trespassing or something. They’re not buying anything, not using the provided services, just being dicks.


What if it was a family on a roadtrip, with kids, and they needed to get home? Would these bedshitters have left, or would that family need to be owned?

Really, though, if there’s any crime going on here, it has to be these wheels on that Avalanche:

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Yikes. Those look like someone chromed the idea of passing out in the mud behind a carnival tent mid-urinating.

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One day, when I’m president, we’ll ship every bro truck owner and stance driver to Guam.

Sorry people of Guam, but it’s for the greater good.