Brits Give Crossing Guards Cams To Catch Speedsters

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First off, are crossing guards in the U.K really called lollipop ladies and men? If it is true, is it because their signs look like lollipops. Or even more creepily, do they hand out lollipops to kids? Regardless, these men and women are now being equipped with helmet-mounted cameras to catch aggressive motorists. Apparently, drivers aren't as nice to these lollipop-passing-out guardians of the walkways. There have been 1,400 incidents of aggressive lollipop haters was recorded last year with dozens of crossing guards needing hospitalization.

The cameras are either mounted to a hat worn by the crossing guard or in their "lollipop." The camera is then attached to an Archos portable recording unit and the footage can be used in court to bust the offenders. Failing to stop for a crossing guard is punishable by up to £2,000 and three penalty points over the pond. Lollipops and video cameras? If this were a story in the U.S. it would be about a pedophile. [Giz]


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