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Britney Spears Charged With Hit-And-Run, Driving Without A License

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This image was lost some time after publication.

It's a Yom Kippur celebrity Schadenfreude Saturday here at Jalopnik — first was the news this morning of the smugtastic George Clooney motorcycle crash and now we're hearing Britney Spears has never — ever — been issued a license to drive. Sure, she's been caught by paparazzi driving with her little Feder-spawn in her lap, but whatevs, it wasn't...


...until her most recent hit-and-run accident in August that the California DMV noticed — hey, we've never given this train wreck a Cali license. Now she's being charged with two misdemeanors — one for the hit-and-run, and the other for driving without a valid license. Wow, we can't even make this stuff up. Please celebs, give us a break — no more silliness for the rest of the weekend, k? Some of us need to go to shul. [via The Superficial]


Photo Credit: Mel Bouzad / Getty Images Entertainment

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For once, maybe somebody at the DMV SHOULD have been reading US Weekly.