British Motor Show: Kia Announces Ed Hatch

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We picture the fictitious Ed Hatch as the UK equivalent of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down": An engineer type in plastic specs, balding, slightly wide in the trousers and with a penchant for traditional English breakfast, short-sleeve shirts and flying into resentful rages against those who've offended his morals. Of course, that Ed Hatch is not this Ed hatch, a new C-class three-door from Kia set to challenge the European hedgemony of VW Golfs and Ford Foci. It's based on the even more indiscriptively named C'eed concept the company showed in Geneva this year. The Ed will get a range of small engines and be built at the company's plant in Slovakia. Expect a Paris showing, unless the aforementioned Mr. Hatch takes the place out with homemade ordinance ordnance.

Cee'd! New Kia Concept [internal]


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