British Man Ticketed For 173 MPH In Lotus Elise Capable Of 127 MPH

Tex O'Reilly, winner of the award for least Britishly-named man ever, was ticketed for 173MPH in a 50MPH zone while driving his Lotus Elise. One problem? The Lotus Elise tops out at a leisurely 127MPH.

Police in Derbyshire, England claim to have clocked Mr. O'Reilly zipping along the A515 at the breakneck pace of 173 MPH in an unmodified Lotus Elise. When the case went to court, Tex's attorney pointed out that despite police claims of properly calibrated radar equipment, the car he was traveling in was only capable of a much more sedate 127 MPH. When the prosecution could not disprove the claim, O'Reilly plead guilty to 105 MPH which brings a fine instead of a three year jail sentence. [Telegraph]


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