Tim Brady plead guilty to one count of dangerous driving after being caught in January going 172 mph in a Porsche Turbo on a rural A-road. A Porsche Turbo that he "borrowed" from his car lease firm Helphire. He has since resigned. Reaction has been swift and predictably British. Here's some words from a spokeswoman for a road safety group called Brake, "The idea of someone driving at that speed is horrific. The chances that a person will be able to control a vehicle at that speed if something unexpected happens is slim. It is extremely selfish. Nobody has the right to put other people's lives at risk like that." Somehow, she forgot to compare him to the London train bombers. Mr. Brady's future does look grim however, as Britain's previous fastest speeder Jason McAllister served five months in the hoosegow for going 156 mph in an E36 M3. And you thought they were limited to 155 mph. [Breitbart]