Brit Chops Car In Half To Protest Aggressive Clamping

Parking a junk car on the side of the road in front of your house is a time honored grease monkey tradition. Ian Taylor was simply maintaining that tradition with his junk Ford Fiesta at his Tredworth, UK home when the Clampers tried to get one over on him. Though the Fiesta was parked only an inch on the pavement, a clamp was placed on the unlicensed car. Not one to let someone take advantage of him, Mr. Taylor took things into his own hands.

After the clamping service refused to take the clamp off, and Ian refused to pay out of principle, the next step would be for the car to be seized for non-payment. Since it was about to be scrapped anyway, this was essentially and empty threat. So instead of letting them have a car they could sell, Ian did what any hard-headed guy would, chopped the car in half. Take that clampers. Congratulations Ian, you're today's real British hero. [BBC News Video and BBC News Story]


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