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Everybody loves wasting time over at Bring A Trailer, home to some of the finest used car classifieds on the entire Internet. Now the site is about to do more than just list used cars — they're going to host online auctions for them.

Bring A Trailer announced yesterday that after seven years and nearly 1,000 "exclusive" classified listings, they're starting weekly auction events. It's a system they hope will be more fair to everyone than their current exclusives, where ready buyers can pop up in mere hours.


Don't worry, they say they'll continue to list other cars for sale, "no matter where they might be found," they're just branching into the auction game as well.

To start off they're selling three very different but equally lust-worthy cars: a gorgeous 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, a deep orange 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 that has me pondering a bank robbery or two, and a white 1990 BMW M3 owned by Road & Track editor and Jalopnik alum Sam "Oversteer My Bagel" Smith.

Best of luck to Bring A Trailer on this new venture. I can't wait to see what they list next.

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