BMW drivers get accused of being dicks probably more than any other group of motorists, so critics of a popular Russian satirist may have found the most BMW-appropriate form of protest ever. Russia, everybody!

The New Republic reports that noted Twitter satirist and prominent Putin critic Katya Romanovskaya went outside last week in Moscow to find this 200 pound wooden dick (and balls, don't forget the balls) on the roof of her 3-Series sedan.


She and her co-author spent most of that day trying to get police to take the incident seriously, but they — and some onlookers — were too busy laughing and taking pictures. They ended up lugging it into their apartment and are currently deciding what to do with it. (I can think of a few things. HEY-OOOO!)

Who's the culprit, you ask? Probably some state-backed, pro-Putin youngsters, the magazine reports:

This is the kind of cockamamie (sorry) prank that reeks (sorry) of Nashi, the pro-Kremlin youth group founded after Ukraine's Orange Revolution in 2005. It was the Kremlin's way to engage the youth in politics by paying and brainwashing them to be their blunt instrument of revenge. These kids, often from poor families, have strange imaginations that center almost always on the scatalogical and the sexual. (They once used one prostitute named "Mumu" to lure various male opposition figures into bed in the same bugged apartment.) They manage to pull off these kinds of pranks by having the resources of the state at their disposal.

You have to admit that they put it on the right kind of car.

Photo credit Persident Roissi Facebook