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Visionary Vehicles founder and CEO, Malcolm Bricklin, today unveiled one of the new Chinese-built car models he plans to bring to the US in 2007. The as-yet-unnamed convertible with a retractable hardtop, will sell for around $19,000 Bricklin says, and was designed by Pininfarina to be built by China's Chery motors. Either this thing is going to sell in the millions and help redefine the auto industry, or it'll be one of the most spectacular flameouts in corporate history. We're leaning toward the first, though the jury is still out on whether all the pieces of the Visionary plan will come together smoothly. Stay tuned. [Update: It sure is interesting how many styling cues it has in common with the Peugeot 307, also from the Pininfarina shop. Recycling work product, are we? Thanks to Yassine for the tip.]

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