BREAKING: Porsche Develops Four-Wheel Drive Gas/Electric Hybrid in Time For Brussels World's Fair!

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Only thing is, the Brussels World's Fair took place seventeen-years after the Chicago World's Fair of 1893. Yes, Ferdinand Porsche, that tractor building, rear-engine luvin' German madman was designing (and racing) petrol-electric hybrids before Orville and Wilber ever set foot in Kitty Hawk. In his spare time, he very well may have invented all-wheel drive. These hybrids were slightly different than our contemporary dual-motivators, using a gasoline engine to run a generator to produce the electricity that powered the four electric motors attached to each wheel. Just image what the good doctor might have come up with had back then had decent batteries. To all the Cayenne haters who feel Porsche's modern off-roader has diluted the brand — what leg will you have to stand on when Porsche drops the Cayenne Hybrid bomb at the end of the decade?


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