Breaking! Nissan's Quarterly Net Profit Rises 4.2%

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Carlos Ghosn shows yet again that he too knows the secret of "Step 2" — at least on the Japanese side of the globe-spanning alliance. There were approximately 110.2 billion reasons why we know he knows the secret (and yes, that's in yen...not American dollars. That'd be $945 million for the currency calculator adverse). That's a rise of 4.2% over the same quarter last year. Nissan also saw quarterly sales rise 3.1% to 2.2 trillion yen ($18.9 bilion). Not bad Ghosn, you trying to show off or something?


Nissan profit rises 4.2 percent as weaker yen lifts sales [Detroit News]

Nissan: Go, Go Ghosn Profits! [internal]

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