Breaking! Jerry York Resigns From GM Board Of Directors — Will He Take Fire With Him?

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Automotive News is reporting what folks have been speculating about all week after the GM-Renault-Nissan talks were axed — Jerry York, the Kirk Kerkorian flunky and member of the GM board of directors, has resigned from the General's board, according to a filing today with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, they're reporting Kirk Kerkorian saying he won't be buying any more GM stock. So here's the question — since most folks seem to believe the only reason the turnaround effort has been in any way a success (whatever your definition of that is — at least they've stopped losing $9 billion) was that the threat of a KirkKerk corporate raid was putting the fear of God into the folks at the RenCen. if KirkKerk's no longer looking to put the General in play, what's going to be the fire up Rick Wagoner's ass that'll keep his turnaround plan from going around in circles?

York resigns from GM board (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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I don't get's obvious that Mom liked this guy the best...I'm more concerned for his brother Dick...