Breaking! Herbie Goes Submissive: Porsche to Take Control of VW!

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The men in Berlin have given the okay to Porsche to purchase the remaining 3.5% of Volkswagen stock the sports-car maker needs to hold a controlling interest in Volkswagen, which through the years, has often been seen as the company's bigger half-brother. If we get any further into this analogy it's gonna turn into the plot for some freaky German porno flick with too much leather, so we'll just stop right there. Makers of freaky German porno flicks, call us — we've got a pitch for you. Be forewarned, however, it might involve a vat of Crisco and Ferdinand Pi ch in chaps. [Thanks to Zerin for the tip.]

Porsche to Seize Control of Volkswagen [MSN Autos]

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