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GM released a bit more detail yesterday (for some of us it's still "today") on numbers hinted at in this past week's earnings statement. While not inclusive of June sales, which we'll see and hear this coming Tuesday, we can glean much from the quarterly numbers. First, let's say something nice about the quarterly numbers โ€” the paper it's printed very soft and fibrous. Oh, ok, we'll say something really nice โ€” sales in the second quarter of the year were just under 9% higher than those in the first quarter. But now to the bad... GM's overall share of the US light vehicle market slipped to 24.2 percent from 27.8 percent a year earlier. So that's really not good โ€” but as long as GM had a good July โ€” they can beat back skeptics. However, if the General and "Slick" Rick look weak for even a moment on Tuesday...the questions about his strategic plan will continue to be bleated from those of us out here in the fields. Bleeeehhhhtttt!!!

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