Breaking! Ford Announces The Sharp Sting Of November's Unrealistic Expectations, Sales Down 10%

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You know, we understand it's important to reach for the moon, but it's probably best to have realistic expectations when you're still working on that whole turnaround plan thing. Like for example, take FoMoCo, who just released their November sales, down a whopping 10% from month-to-month levels a year ago. It's probably not a good idea to have your senior sales analyst, George Pipas, saying things on your sales call like

"were our sales expectations [for the month of November] realistic? Frankly, no..."


That's normally a bad thing. What else is a bad thing? How about truck sales down 12.9% for the month, hitting a year-to-date drop of 14.4%. Luckily, their car sales were down too — 2.6%. The folks from Dearborn are calling that a disappointment. I'd have to agree. Somehow I think that maybe if they'd had the Edge this month maybe they could find a way to have held on to the #2 spot in US sales — frankly, I don't think they've done that.

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Ford lost its 'Edge' in November, a FoMoCoNoSho. Pity because they could have used the sales. Even the Edge would have been insufficient to overcome Toyota's 15,000 vehicle advantage.