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Looks like DaimlerChrysler Chairman and CEO Dieter Zetsche brought those profit-maximizing underpants gnomes with him when he moved from Auburn Hills to Stuttgart โ€” sales at the Mercedes Car Group division were up 17% on the year in May. That's a record 112,700 vehicles sold out of the DC-luXe group comprised of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and Smart. It also looks like sales are rising across all regions โ€” Western Europe (up 25% in May), Eastern Europe (up 23% for the YTD) and USA (up 21% YTD). Those underpants gnomes โ€” they're not only adorable and cute, but they also understand the importance of regional and brand diversification.

Mercedes group global car sales rise 17% in May vs. year [Marketwatch]

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